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David Butterman (a New York native) has been a photographer for 20 years. He specializes in childrens fashion both commercially and editorial. On set David and his team provide a colorful and energetic environment for everyone on set especially the kids. David prides himself on the ability to hear the clients needs as well as thinking outside the box. He tends to surprise and please his clients by adding that special Butterman style that stands out from the rest.

David has traveled for clients to Miami, Chicago, Paris, Germany, England, Greece, Denmark and Milan.

His extensive client list is Levis, Buffalo Jeans Kids, Lester's Kids Store, Denny's Kids Stores, Nickelodeon, Katie J NYC, Kruzin Footwear, Cabbage and Kings, OOPA BABY, Modeling Camp, BeBe Kids, Nikolia, BMG Germany and Hip Hop Kids.

His work has appeared in Harper's Bazaar Kids, Hooligans, Mini Maven, Scimparello, Anon Magazine, Junior Style London, Mocha, La Petite, Babiekins, Posh Kids, Halcyon Kids and La Verdad